The Money Hush Room

by markfrancombe

Nine (free) 09:57
16 bit Skid 06:48
Newthink B 07:24
Xenomix 04:31
Nosinkloop 07:39
Reatc 03:57



…is a collection of purely electronic tracks. It concentrates on my more rhythmic electronic side, using the VST plugins I have designed. It comprises live improvised laptop performances, presented as is, without too much post production or editing.
and now absolutely nearly FREE!!!

Sound-wise, I guess It combines some of my circuit bending 8 bit sounds, ethnic source material, and found/field recordings, all placed into the cement mixer that is my laptop. These tracks could all have turned out completely different and should be thought of as possible conclusions, snapshots of the track at the time the recording button was pressed. Many have changed even now and some are derived from exactly the same Mulch patch, except with different samples/recordings/beat divisions loaded as a start. This both illustrates my fascination and frustration with current computer techniques. On the one hand it is exiting and invigorating to know that there is almost infinite possibilities and on the other, I never get a feeling of really KNOWING my own music. With a guitar and chords and scales, you can start to believe that the music comes out of you. With the addition of an effect, distortion for example, you work with that possibility and finally master the extra techniques, adding yet another effect increases those possibilities, but again you can feel that you can master it. Hardware gives this feeling, software does not. Hardware makes for physical music, software makes cerebral music.

The cover image shows a close up of the Sennheiser dummy head for their in-ear microphones. Most of my samples and field recordings are recorded using this. Unfortunately I don't own one and have to borrow the one belonging to my friend Gier from Apoptygma. Thanks Geir!

If anyone wants to sell me one?


released January 1, 2003


all rights reserved



markfrancombe Norway

I played lots of instruments in the influential "dream-pop" band Cranes from 1988 to 1999. I continue to work with my modular synth, live looped, guitar electronica, soundtracks and film scores.

I have a band called "Electricity" that I have with Martin Powell. Our debut album "Plant" was just released in February 2015. available here:
I live in Norway!
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